If you are looking to work in a challenging environment with like-minded, highly motivated people, then KOEI TECMO is the place for you. Together with some of the most creative and talented people from round the world, you will make titles that will rock the world.

We at KOEI TECMO pride ourselves on delivering quality products. We are creative yet disciplined and professional where productivity, timely delivery and customer satisfaction are concerned. We place a huge emphasis on employee training and regularly organize courses and send our people for seminars. Our people often travel to Japan for exposure to world-class training and projects.

We work in a relaxed environment and we do not care what you wear to the office, as long as you wear something. Lunch times and evenings are spent challenging each other on the console games or board games. Apart from indoor activities, our people also do skateboarding, running, playing badminton, swimming and other outdoor games after work; and sometimes during lunch breaks too. In addition, the company also organizes feast fests and company events once every 2-3 months.

Most importantly, our people are warm, friendly and passionate about what they do. When deadline approaches, the teams huddle together to solve problems. Outside of work, we form our recreation clubs and organize cross-departmental activities.

We hope you can be a part of this exciting team. Come join us today!