Join us as a Game Development Director!


The Game Development Director oversees the overall development of the product. As the Game Development Director, you set and direct the vision of the game, and bring out the fun aspects of the game. You are ultimately responsible for how game systems come together to shape the player experience, and eventually business outcomes like sales, player numbers and retention.

You will be responsible for overall game features and design, from concept stage, to design documentation, prototype and eventual production and final QA qualified end product. When the product goes into service, you will be expected to improve or maintain the KPIs required for the title.
The Director makes technical decisions, balancing quality with costs and schedule concerns. The Director has to ensure that the game passes internal and external reviews, beta testing and focus groups testing.

You will work with a diverse team across different disciplines and communicate to different stakeholders about what the game is. We expect you to coach the team and lead them through each step of the creation process. You must be passionate about mentoring and growing talent.


We expect you the Game Director to have had 7+ years of more of experience in a leadership creative role, and shipped games. We expect you to have created proposals detailing creative design plans, along with making budgets and manpower staffing.
• 8-10 years of experience working in the games development industry
• 4-5 years of experience working on social/mobile games
• Experiences in developing and launching at least 2 titles, be it original IP or porting projects, as a Director, or in any equivalent capacity
• Knowledgeable in free-to-play games, monetization techniques, game economies, PvE and PvP elements
• Prior experience working with Producers and IP owners
• Familiarity with KOEI TECMO titles and IP is an advantage. Prior experiences in working on genres like simulation, strategy, RPG games will be a plus point.

Please send your application and resume to recruit@koeitecmo.com.sg or Apply Here