Recruitment Talk: 15 May 2015 @ NTU

KOEI TECMO Singapore Career Talk May 2015 at NTU
MAGIC hosted a recruitment talk to NTU students by KOEI TECMO on 15 May 2015. The attendees have understood more from this talk on what it takes to be a KOEI TECMO game programmer/designer.

They also got a glimpse of the exciting work environment and culture of the company and the popular works by KOEI TECMO Singapore. Many attendees showed great interest in joining KOEI TECMO to work in a challenging environment with like-minded, highly motivated people.

KOEI TECMO is one of the world’s leading game publishers and developers. Combining the best of KOEI and TECMO, with popular franchises like Dynasty Warriors and Ninja Gaiden, KOEI TECMO leads the way in games with a penchant for spectacular battles, legendary characters and dramatic storylines. 

KOEI TECMO Singapore Career Talk May 2015 at NTU

New avenues are being explored each new day, into areas where the brightest talents can flourish and make their mark on history.

The talk was given by Mr. Siow Jit-Keong, who joined KOEI TECMO (then known as KOEI) in 2002 as a programmer and was a member of the pioneer batch who helped establish KOEI TECMO Singapore (then know as KOEI Entertainment Singapore) in 2004. He is currently the manager of the software department, overseeing the department’s operational and training matters. Jit-Keong has worked on several titles ranging from long-cycled projects such as MMOs and handheld console games to short-cycled casual games, wearing different hats in different projects.