Our Programmer

Programmer: ANG CHING KAI

Why did you choose to join Koei Tecmo Singapore (KTS)?

As a game developer and a fan of Japanese culture, KTS provided me with the opportunity to hone my skills as a developer in an environment rich with Japanese culture.

How is the working environment like?

The open office really makes the company feels close and harmonious. Although there are many teams and projects, everyone can feel that they are part of the bigger KTS family.

What are some of the challenges that you have encountered in your work?

Working on a live project is a very different experience from developing a new game.
We have to learn how to build new features and modify existing ones while ensuring compatibility with existing game data and player data. With the time constraint that comes with regular updates, we have to learn to manage our time and resources to ensure timely delivery while maintaining the quality of our work.

Most memorable moment in KTS?

There have been many memorable moments while working in KTS.
The various events organized around the major holidays such as CNY and Christmas have all been memorable. There was even a horror game let’s play that happened around Halloween with popcorns and snacks!

A word for the potential applicants.

Be prepared for changes, don’t get too comfortable at where you are now

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