Our Designer

Designer: FOO PEIWEN

Why did you choose to join Koei Tecmo Singapore (KTS)?

Video games are my hobby and passion since young, and one passion actually led to another. Most of the video games I played then came from Japan, and I decided to pick up Japanese after myIMG_6697  O’ Levels, the study of which I ended up greatly enjoying. Having graduated with a Social Science degree, I didn’t think I would end up working in games industry but applied anyway. Thinking back about it now, I think there might not be anywhere else I fit better than working in this industry!


How is the working environment like?

There is definitely a sense of gaming culture over here with our colleagues and that is something I greatly appreciate as it made me feel that we are more on a similar wavelength at least. (Then again, who would join a games company if you didn’t like games?) Another thing I really appreciated is the opportunity for open discussion and problem solving with our colleagues and/or superiors. We have an open office and I think that really helped to facilitate and open up communication. Or might that be due to the common gamer in us?


What are some of the challenges that you have encountered in your work?

Estimating correctly for, and releasing features according to the schedule is challenging for me. This depends on the scale of the feature to be planned; active management of implementation progress; while also making sure there would be enough time for test and fix cycles to make sure the feature is ready for release! At KTS, I have learnt a lot from more experienced planners on this managing this.

Most memorable moment in KTS?

Witnessing features go from the drawing board (conceptualization and planning) to initial testing on sandboxes, and finally to release on production where players gets to experience them is incredibly satisfying for me. Thereafter, monitoring to see if player progression is as I expected is another great avenue of feedback and source of improvement for me.

A word for the potential applicants.

“Don’t be chasing success or happiness.

Rather, chase excellence in your passion, and success and happiness will follow.”