Our Coordinator

Coordinator: NG SHU YUN

Why did you choose to join Koei Tecmo Singapore (KTS)?

Project Coordinator

Since young I’ve been fond of Japanese language and culture, and this job provided me with the perfect opportunity to continue making use of my language skills in everyday work. Also since I play quite a number of games myself, I was interested in finding out more about the mechanics that happen behind what a game player would see on the surface.

How is the working environment like?

The working environment is very vibrant and lively!  Everyone is passionate about what they do, and I learn a lot from seeing a variety of ideas in discussions.

What are some of the challenges that you have encountered in your work?

I think the greatest challenges are
1) Using Japanese on a business level instead of just everyday conversation level and understanding/using specialized terms
2) Picking up technical knowledge coming from a non-technical background

Due to the fast pace of work, the learning curve may be steep sometimes, but fortunately everyone is very patient in entertaining my very entry-level questions.

Most memorable moment in KTS?

Releasing projects! ! The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that comes on the day of release justifies all the hard work and late nights behind.

A word for the potential applicants.

There are many paths and opportunities available, so
Be curious, keep an open mind, and most importantly, enjoy!

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