Make ideas come true, beautifully.

Job Description

The Game Artist possesses the aesthetic sense that will help the team to actualize creative ideas into high quality game visuals and graphics. The Artist adds color and style to all the visuals within the game and enhances the gaming experience of the players.


Strong foundation in traditional art skills, such as drawing, sketching, human anatomy, color theory, proportion and composition, lighting etc.
• Good visual imagination and conceptualization skills; an eye for quality, coordination and overall design sense.
• Degree or diploma in the relevant fields of art, media, design, animation or effects.

It will further help if the applicants have:
• Experience in 3D modeling (for Animators/ 2D Artists)
• 2D / Flash animation experience
• UI / UX and graphic design skills
• Experience in creating Effects and/or Motion graphics
• Experience working on online or mobile games
• Scripting knowledge in Softimage/Maya or Illustrator is a plus
• Expertise in Flash Actionscript and scripting/programming is a plus

Please indicate in detail your proficiencies and experiences in any of the above, or any other 2D or 3D work.

Please let us know which area you would like to focus in.