Our Coordinator

Coodinator: Adeline Teng

Why did you choose to join Koei Tecmo Singapore (KTS)?

KOEI TECMO Singapore Coordinator

I wanted a job that allows me to make full use of my Japanese, English and Chinese language skills, as well as my understanding of the Japanese culture. Being a coordinator in KOEI TECMO Singapore offered all of them. Best of all, I enjoy playing games and was interested in learning how games were developed, thus I jumped at the opportunity to join the company.

How is the working environment like?

What surprised me most when I joined the company is that the employees are very young. We are constantly on the look-out for new talents so the office is always brimming with youthful energy and enthusiasm.
We have also just moved to the new office in 2014 December. The new office is bright and spacious, making it a very comfortable environment to work in.

What are some of the challenges that you have encountered in your work?

Though my gaming history helped, it still took a while to familiarize myself with the technical aspects of the job such as IT terminology and the game development process. It really helped a lot that my colleagues and superiors were very patient and willing to share their knowledge.
Liaising with our China and Taiwan service partners is another challenge. As coordinators, we need to translate and communicate our partners’ requests, problems, queries to the team back and fro in a diplomatic and effective manner. Especially when it comes to critical bug reports from partners, we have to respond calmly and continue facilitating the communication between our partners and our team efficiently to ensure swift resolution.

Most memorable moment in KTS?

Some of my more memorable experiences in the company are from our ‘chorei’ sessions where twice a week, members of the company will take turns to do a presentation. The topic could be anything from game development to the person’s personal interests or recent travel photos. It is a good opportunity for us to know our colleagues from other teams better. We had many impressive musical instrument performances recently. It’s amazing how many of our colleagues are multi-talented.

A word for the potential applicants.

Be observant, willing to learn and think of every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.

KOEI TECMO Singapore Coordinator